Handmade art and design for the fashion & lifestyle space.

Josiah Goldsmith develops an "I've got to have a piece of that" feeling for hype-worthy brands.
A white handmade backpack, made of waxed canvas with leather straps and a round oak handle

Backpack design and handmade prototype, one of one.

refresh.lab's logo, hand drawn in a hip scruffy style on tracing paper by Josiah Goldsmith

Branding and packaging design for luxury tea mixologists in Busan (S. Korea).

Alls logo, hand drawn in paint pen on an a-frame made of two skateboards - hand made by Josiah Goldsmith

Branding and commercial artwork for Alls cafe in Busan (S. Korea).

A large hand-drawn illustration of a man making a violin in a workshop. In one corner is an Hermes stool, and Hermes screen and there are various plants and violins spread around the room

90cm x 90cm silk scarf design

A handbag made out of a skateboard's kicks, with hand made leather handles and brass appointments

A series on hype-culture and the consumer mindset.

Available - contact for info

Resolution Kindness logo, hand lettered by Josiah in a modern take on classic spencerian calligraphy

Branding, strategy, and logo for Resolution Kindness, a non-profit that teaches kindness.