refresh.lab's logo, hand drawn in pencil on tracing paper

refresh lab is a b2b tea manufacturer (with plans to move to b2c in 2023) founded by Lee SuJin in 2018. They craft trendy tea blends and menus for cafes, bars etc. and currently have over 20 separate products, with plans to expand.

In 2022, refresh lab invited Josiah to their headquarters in Suyeong, a building by architect, Kim SeongHo.

This project began where all of Joe’s work begins: with a pencil and paper.

Josiah visited refresh lab at their offices and drew their logo in front of them. It was a true collaborative process where refresh lab described their ambitions, and Joe responded using his hands.

As refresh lab’s goal was to reach young people in a way that is ‘fresh’ and distinct from similar brands, Joe’s work needed to reflect this. The raw pencil logo is unique, standing out against similar brands, and communicates refresh lab’s ‘fresh’ motif. It also reflects the handmade nature of refresh lab’s products, something important to the owners.


DATE: 2022/06/12

SERVICES: Brand and Packaging Design

LOCATION: Busan, S. Korea

BRIEF: To reach creative and expressive individuals in the 20-30 year old demographic.

SOLUTION: A brand system designed and executed entirely by hand.

CLIENT RESPONSE: 리프레쉬랩은 재미있는 콜라보레이션을 환영하고 사랑합니다 :) "디자이너, 아티스트, 천재" Josiah와의 이번 콜라보레이션은 기존 브랜드가 가진 틀에 박힌 것들을 탈피하고 개성있는 일러스트 결과물이 나와, 리프레쉬랩이 원하는 더 재미있는 브랜드로 탈바꿈하는 계기가 되었습니다! 그리고, 우리는 친구가 되었습니다 :D

refresh lab welcomes and loves fun collaboration :) This collaboration with "Designer, Artist, Genius" Josiah broke away from the stereotypes of existing brands, revealing the things that are interesting and fun about refresh lab! And we became friends :D