JOSIAH GOLDSMITH is a British-born designer (artist, genius etc.) located in South Korea, collaborating globally.

Over seven years of experience as a craftsman lends Joe a unique approach to art and design. His work is, more often than not, crafted using little more than his own two hands.

Joe's work is unexpected, filtered through the lenses of his Ace & Tate glasses (which he only wears because, in his opinion, they make him look smarter).

Core capabilities

Joe enjoys a mixed-media approach, often crafting a brand's identity from naming to interior.

Some (but not all) of what he's known for includes:

Strategy & Design - Research-led branding.

Commercial Art/Illustration - Head-turning artwork.

Web Design - Webflow-based websites (including e-commerce).

A photo of Josiah sitting on a stepladder, holding a hand drill

Upcoming Shows

Year One
CSB Lounge - Namcheon
October 2022


01. Diagnosis before prescription - Context first, design second.
02. Beauty ≠ perfection - Character and intrigue is found in flaws.
03. No arbitrary decisions - Every decision must serve a purpose.
04. Creative bravery - The riches belong to the creatively brave.
05. Learning is a lifelong pursuit - Ever aiming to serve better.
06. Fun but professional - Serious about good (playful) design.
07. A straight shooter - Brutally honest for the greater good.
08. Processes > Inspiration - No blind creative work.
09. Do no harm - Good design doesn’t discriminate or cause harm.
10. Blur the line - (between art and design).
11. Exceed expectations - never 'just a logo'.
12. Give a %#!@ - Passion begets excellence.

Studio Guidelines

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