100% made by hand, JiGae backpack represents over 100 hours of intricate handcraft (not including time spent designing the backpack in the first place) and is a physical homage to Korea’s history and culture.

JiGae backpack is inspired by antique JiGae (a kind of backpack used to carry wood and bamboo) and this inspiration can be seen in the backpack’s neutral colour scheme, the hand-whipped stitching, and the oak handle.

Although every aspect of the JiGae backpack was made with Josiah’s own two hands, friend Kim JinGyu lent his advice and workshop to Josiah.

JiGae Backpack

Date: 2022/06/16

Services: Product Design

Brief: Design a high-end backpack that honours Korea's heritage/history while appealing to a market of fashion forward 16-35 year olds.

Solution: Josiah designed and prototyped a backpack inspired by antique Korean worker's tools, with modern appointments.